Concrete Patio Des Moines Iowa

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Concrete Patio Des Moines IA

The weather is gorgeous, and you want to entertain, but not in your house. Or maybe you are a business looking to expand your seating area. A patio is a perfect addition to your home or business! Our network of expert concrete contractors Des Moines locals can count on for the transformation that exceeds their expectations; from dull and lifeless, to the desired place to gather! Who doesn’t love a beautiful outdoor living space? Adding a concrete patio to your property is a great way to enhance not only the visual appearance but will greatly improve the functionality of your space as well.

While even a basic slab can meet your expectations, why stop there? Take the visual appeal and functionality of your space to the next level by adding a patio with style! Our network of professional concrete contractors can handle anything from a basic concrete patio Des Moines locals want, to the projects that transform your space by adding stamped concrete or stained concrete. Whether it’s a patio or a pool deck. Let’s connect to make your vision a reality!

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Why choose Concrete Patios?

There are a variety of options for designing your outdoor living space; building a wood deck, brick or stone pavers, concrete patios, etc.  For us, the answer is simple. Concrete Patios are a wonderful option due to their durability and sustainability. They can withstand various weather elements and heavy traffic areas. Additionally, who would not want the perk of a beautiful yet low maintenance entertaining area that will be sure to last for many years to come?

Additionally, you can create a desirable custom look for a more affordable price with a concrete pouring solution.

Types of Concrete

Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete, Textured Concrete, Imprinted Concrete are used interchangeably.

This method can replicate the look of stones, tile, brick, or even wood. You will love the way the product mimics the other materials but with a more durable outcome!

Trust the experts to beautify your Des Moines concrete patio.

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Stained Concrete
Stained concrete can provide a customized appearance to your space to make it all tie together. Unlike paint that will result in a solid appearance and require maintenance, the stain is within the concrete which creates a long-lasting aesthetic translucent tones and the outcome can vary with different techniques. 

If you are looking to create the appearance of a marble, leather, stone, or wood, we can surely do that for you with a durable stained concrete!

stained concrete des moines

Concrete Slab
If you are looking for a basic concrete slab, we can certain pour that too! This is an easy and affordable solution to maximize your outdoor living space.

No job is too small for our team of top-notch concrete contractors Des Moines IA locals can count on.

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Contact one of our friendly and professional Expert Concrete Contractors Des Moines today to discuss your vision for your custom concrete patio!